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If you want customers and prospects to find you on the Internet, you need a personalized Web Address.
Artist at WorkCWS DesignWorks  - Web sites work for the small business looking for their presence on the web. As well as the non profit organizations, who need to keep costs down. Our web sites work for the political candidate and their ideas. And the individual looking for the personal web site to express themselves.  Establish your presence on the Internet known! Whatever your needs may be, look to CWS for "Websites Designed to Work"
Internet Tips - Learning how to browse the Web faster and easier. If you learn just a few basic things about browsing the Web, such as how to use the buttons on the Internet Explorer toolbar, you'll find that browsing the Web is easier and faster.  Netscape Communicator is also covered.

Computer Tips - (For Windows based systems.) This section, the solution page, has plenty of  useful computer tips to help you troubleshoot problems and keep your computer system in tip top shape

Sample Sites - See some of the satisfied customers' web sites we have designed and/ or maintain. CWS Design Works is proud of the work we do for our clients and the value they receive in the finished product. 

Design/ Maintenance - Whether you want your web site to be designed/ maintained by us or maintained by you, we can not only accomplish this, but we can train you in the aspects of HTML needed and uploading, "FTP" (uploading to the server) the finished page.

For all your Web Hosting needs, Web.com earned the Windows NT magazine Editor's Choice award because it provided the best service at a competitive price. Be sure to mention our domain name, CWSDesignWorks.com, or our IP address,, to receive a one-time $10.00 credit for signing up with Interland.



How Do I Fix This!
Got a problem with web page construction? Maybe we have the answers to some of these problems? "There are a lot of browser compatibility issues and web page design elements that many people have faced and over-come.
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